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Ackroyd 00870-5. "Guilds Lake aerials. For Union Pacific. August 6, 1948." NW Yeon & 26th Ave. looking south. Left foreground is Dulien Steel 3190 NW Yeon, center and right foreground Industrial Air Products owned by Gilbert Schnitzer 3200 NW Yeon. In the background on the extreme left is US Steel 2345 NW Nicolai. In the center is the Calbag junkyard. The Calbag building is to the right of the yard, its the new two-story white building. The older building in the center with the smokestack is the old Portland Garbage Disposal Incinerator later to become West Coast Fast Freight. The vacant land in the center is the subject of this photo, it is the land on the south side of NW Yeon Ave. at the intersection of NW 26th Ave., which is address numbered in the 3200s.