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0904-B01.  "Elvah Reck in front of Willamette Falls Railway Station, June 5, 1909"  (letter from Chassa 1/2014: "This station was actually in what is now West Linn. The West Linn side was called Oregon City before the city was incorporated, but it wasn't Oregon City. The station sat at the West Linn end of the old wood suspension bridge to Oregon City and ran from there to the town of Willamette Falls, now the Town of Willamette Falls Historic District. This view is of the south side of the station. The tracks ran east and west on the north side of the station. The trolley eventually ran to the south edge of Lake Oswego. River Road in West Linn is the old trolley bed. It loaded logs out of the Willamette, just south of Rodgers Park, that had started out in Tillamook and were dumped into the river in the area of Oswego Point. Southern Pacific refused direct transfers to the trolley line cars. The logs fed the paper mill at the falls.")