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9336-A173. unidentified individuals pose on wood sidewalk in front of "Daly & Robbins, Dealers in General Merchandise" Drewsey, Oregon. (later became Porter, Sitz, & Robbins store) (Cindy Sitz wrote on October 14, 2011: "I can explain the Porter & Sitz store history to you if you would like to know.  John L. Sitz had the store at Lawen, Oregon in the late 1800's till around 1901. Then moved to Drewsey.  How and why him and Mr. Porter went into business I do not know, but they purchase the store before 1906 and changed the name too "Porter Sitz Company".  Mr. Sitz had the store and was running the ranch until 1926 when he decided to retire. Mr. Porter bought Mr. Sitz out of the business.  Some time later Mr. Porter sold the business to a man named Drinkwater.  Drinkwater kept the "Porter Sitz Company" name, and the business was known as that until it closed down in the 1990's."