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9132-01.  Jump Off Joe, just north of Nye Beach, Newport, Oregon, with Yaquina Head lighthouse in background. By comparison with dated photographs, this appears to be about 1903. This was a well known tourist attraction in Newport during the years before the First World War. The monolithic formation was subject to rapid erosion, and returning visitors would make a point of checking out its changes since their last visit. In the 1880's, the rock was connected to the mainland and presented a 100 foot high obstacle to beach travel. This changed when natural forces separated it from the shore cliffs during the 1890's. This view shows the rock around 1903. The arch finally collapsed during a severe storm in late January, 1916. In recent years, several similar geologic formations have come and gone along this part of the coast. None were as famous as the original Jump-off Joe, named by early settlers because this was the end of the Newport Beach road and travelers would have to jump off the steep siding to get over it. In the left background, the Yaquina head light house is visible. The location is just north of what is now Nye Beach.