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9305-A4307A. General Wainwright meets Celilo Indians, November 15, 1945.  Wainwright was a four star general who had recently been liberated from thirty nine months of captivity as a Japanese prisoner of war.  At the time, he was America's most famous hero of the war, having endured the Battan Death March and torture in captivity.  He was making a national tour of appearances to promote the war bond drive.  For personal reasons, he requested a detour from his itinerary so he could visit Celilo Falls.  After his visit, he resumed his tour and made a speech in The Dalles, then traveled to Hood River and on to Portland for more speeches and a national radio broadcast. (left to right) 1: Charley Quitoken (Quetukhin, Quittacken, Quitalkin), 2: General Wainwright, 3: Chief Tommy Thompson, 4: Henry Thompson (son of Tommy Thompson). Celilo Falls in background.