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9969-1507. Wy'east Climbers at Don Burkhart Memorial Cairn. June 17, 1934. (Ric Conrad identified the people on Oct 14, 2011: "I listed the members in numerical order running clockwise and used Hank Lewis as a starting point.  <br />
	1.)     Hank Lewis (Standing. Right hand in pocket, left hand on rock).<br />
	2.)     Everett Darr (Standing.  Right hand in pocket).<br />
	3.)     Jim Harlow (Seated.  Left elbow resting on left knee).<br />
	4.)     Jim Mount (Standing.  Both hands on rock).<br />
	5.)     Barry James (Seated.  Left hand on knee, eyes closed).<br />
	6.)     Joe Leuthold (Seated.  Right hand on rock, left hand on his right knee).<br />
	7.)     Bob Furrer (Seated.  Left hand on rock, right forearm on right thigh).<br />
	8.)     Harold Ray Lewis (Seated.  Forearms resting on thighs).<br />
	9.)     An Eagle Scout they brought to sound “Taps” at the memorial service (Standing. Hand on hip).<br />
	10.)  Henry Kurtz (Standing & wearing a hat.  Partially obscured by Ralph Calkin).<br />
	11.)  Leon “Lee” G. Darling (Seated.  Right hand on right knee, left forearm on left thigh).<br />
	12.)  Ralph Calkin (Standing and wearing a white beret.  Right hand on rock).<br />
	13.)  Dale Cowan (Standing & wearing dark-colored cap.  Left hand in pocket).<br />
	14.)  Ray Atkeson (Standing.  Left hand in pocket, right arm held up over Lien’s shoulder).<br />
	15.)  Ole Lien (Standing.  Both arms behind his back).<br />
	16.)  Curtis Ijames (Standing.  Right hand on right knee, left arm outstretched and touching rock).<br />
	17.)  Al Monner (Standing.  Left hand on rock, right hand on right thigh)."