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8702-103. Fall St., Newport Beach, 1911. Fall Street was the main route from Newport and the ferry to Nye beach until 1914, when Canyon road was opened. The camera is located near 12th and looking down Fall Street toward the bay. The street at the bottom of the hill is Bay Boulevard. The left white building on Bay Boulevard is the new City Hall and Fire department, built in 1908 to replace the structure that burned in Newport's business district conflagration. Next to it on the right is Aaronson blacksmith shop. In this photo, Bay Boulevard is still a dirt road, it was planked the following year.<br />
		This photo was taken by Oregonian photographer Clyde McMonagle on an assignment by Southern Pacific Railroad. He photographed the Newport area for a promotional booklet that was co-published by SPRR and the Newport Commercial Club in 1912 titled "Newport, Oregon, An Ideal Year Round Resort."