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9969-3805. Lombardy poplars at Northeast 58th Ave. and Couch St., Portland, Oregon. October 17, 1938. (Comments by Cathy Riddell: photos are looking north on NE 58th to Glisan. A lot of houses on the east side of the street were built in 1941 and 1942, so this is just before that. This is in front of Bill Naito's house - during the anti-Japanese hysteria after 12/7/41, as a high school sophomore, he went door-to-door on the street getting signatures on a petition to get permission to keep the families ceramics store open.) ("The photo is also interesting because Lombardy Poplars were such a popular street tree for such a long time. They were the trees originally planted in the Park blocks (along with the elms). They would grow to be 120' tall in 20 years - but invade pipes, buckle sidewalks, etc - and die young. Oh well - now you never see them - they're pretty much banned.")